Private concierge prices

The Excellence Club dedicated to individuals

Membership at a monthly rate of €149 incl. tax, comprising :
- Key-holding all year round.
- The monthly mail collection.
- The scanning and emailing of mail to owner.
- The monthly inspection of the apartment.
- On-demand additional private concierge services.

The privileges of the Excellence Club :
- Monitoring of your property by our trusted team
- Your on-demand requests have priority status
- You can enjoy personalized services aligned with your interests
- Efficient daily organization for you at a preferential rate
- You sponsor your guests during their stays with the Paris Concierge services

Please contact us by making a request to +33 671 50 18 45 or for a tailor-made pack and we will send you a personalized quote and our price list. The monthly package can be adjusted to meet your recurring needs.

The Corporate Pack dedicated to businesses

An annual membership according to the recurring needs of your business:
- Property management services and flexible office management.
- Corporate concierge in situ.
- Creation of events related to the corporate culture.
- Personal assistance for your employees and clients.
- Production service for corporate films in motion design or real image.
- Creation of virtual tours of your stores.
- Natural referencing and SEO optimization.
- Creation of decision-making dashboards and data analysis.

Benefits of the Corporate Pack:
- Outsourced services: savings in your personel charges, cenralization of your requests: dedicated concierge.
- Confidentiality and respect for private life.
-Possibility of white label.

Please contact us by making a request to +33 671 50 18 45 or for a tailor-made pack and we will send you a personalized quote.

Non -exhaustive list of à la carte services for individuals and businesses

List of our services in compliance with the local health authorities :


-Cleaning "place nette":vacuum cleaner and dust in all parts of the property before the arrival of the client, friends or tenants of the client.

-Major cleaning: thorough wasing of the property, vacuum cleaner, cleaning of floors, dust, cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, mullions, taps, laundry of sheets and towels after the departure of the client, friends or tenants (not including pressingor laundry fees).

-Cleaning during your stay:vacuum cleaner, cleaning of floors and dust.

-Spring cleaning or cleaning afterrenovation works: thorough washing of all parts of the property, vacuum cleaner, cleaning of floors and dust, bathrooms, kitchen, taps, mirrors, windows, baseboards, inside cupboards and dressers.

-Organization of trips and reservations":reservation of plane tickets, train, valet,restaurant, theater etc.

-Personal assistance & secretary":admnistrative tasks, mail, phone calls etc.

-Paris concierge services :for clients, guests or friends. The market with shopping list before arrival; in situ workshops discovery of the French artof living, personal shopper, 24 hourassistance, organization of personalized itineraries (invoice + hourly service) etc.

-Assistance in the purchase or sale of your property :support at each stage of the process etc.

-Mandate of representation at the annual co-ownership meeting or any extraordinary meeting:report in English or French sent by email.


-Mail collection":apart from the monthly collection included in Club membership.

-Inspection of your property":apart from the monthly one included in Club membership.

-Moving/moving out":organization and or supervision of the moving company.


-Assistance in situ with or with out a specific approach: management EDF/GDF, subscription services, insurance and water damage files, telephony, internet, TV, reception of goods, furniture, household appliances, materials etc.

-SOS troubles":plumber, electrician, locksmith, computer installation or troubleshooting, TV etc.

-Small DIY work":Repair/installation management( excluding repair costs


-Organization and supervision of renovation works: on estimation.

-Decoration: furnishing, optimization of spaces, services around marble and minérals, setting up of a teleworking station, rental works of art etc: on estimate


-Property management: management of expatriate employee apartments, support for the management of flexible offices and management tools, data management by setting up decision-making dashboard and data analysis.

-On-site concierge service: chefs for a culinary theme, pick up pressing service, supply of masks with logos, decoration and optimization of office spaces, setting up a teleworking space among employees, production services dor films companyand website, renatl service for works of art.