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Airbnb Concierge, for who and why ?

Nowadays,rental platforms such as Airbnb have revolutionized the tourism and accomodation sector.These platforms offer a new way of experiencing travel and living by allowing individuals to offer their accommodation to travelers from all over the world. But this opportunity can


Apartment for sale Rue du Louvre

You have just accessed a secure section of our site. The documents that you can consult (files, photos, videos…) have been produced exclusively for the needs of the operation for which the agency was solicited and for the exclusive benefit


What does a property manager do ?

The property manager takes on the follow-up of the responsibilities associated with owning and running a property and does so acting on behalf of the owner. The specific duties to be carried out are may vary and are specified by

Interview de Juliette Laurens sur BFM

Interview with Juliette Laurens on BFM TV Finance

Juliette Laurens presents us the Open Up company. Specializing in private concierge services, this one offers to manage the Parisian residences of its customers during their absence but also to make them discover and appreciate Paris during their stays in the capital. A solution, that is equally aimed at both individuals and companies wishing to offer a more serene daily life to their executives and managers


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