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Paris Concierge Itineraries & Workshop

We offer club members and your guests home workshops or on-site workshops within your company and itineraries to discover or rediscover Paris and all its secrets.

The private concierge Open Up offers you access to confidential Parisian addresses and itineraries found for you on themes that will help you discover Paris in a new way. You can customize these as you wish to discover or rediscover Paris and its secrets. Consult us and let us know what type of workshops you would like to have at home with friends or on-site within your company. From oenology for lovers of French wines to discovery sessions of olfactotherapy – anything's possible.

Discover our themes :

Our topic : French Perfumery


Did you know that Paris - after Grasse - is the capital of Perfume? It is full of secret addresses of private perfumers where discoveries of fragrances awaken olfactory pleasure.
Allow us to guide you through the capital, discovering scented landmarks during a fragrance walk; treat yourself to the luxury of creating your own perfume; have the perfect scent for your offices or for your shop made for you; attend exciting talks on aromatic plants or the history of the greatest perfumers/; organize a team-building session for your employees, etc.
The concierge Open Up brings you so many exclusive offers: a whole panel of "scented services", just for you, in the spirit of pleasure and relaxation, allowing you to enjoy Paris from a whole new angle.

Examples of individual or group perfume services, in Paris or at your office or home:

- Creation of a personalized custom-made perfume
- Private visit to the Fragonard perfume museum
- Creation of a dedicated scented signature (office, home, etc.)
- Senses & Perfumes: fragrances and our emotions
- Learn about the benefits of olfactotherapy
- Discover the world of perfume: its history, its functions and the creation process
- Creation of a perfume in a team
- Quiz with Master Parfums
- Talk: stories about smells and perfums
- Talk: know-how in the land of Grasse

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Itineraries and Workshop in Paris

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