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Paris architectural services & Home staging

Ever dreamed of a top-class interior design?

Avail of our Architectural services either on-demand or by subscribing to our property management pack.

Our services enable you to manage your renovations and/or decoration work from wherever you may be:
- We supervise renovations and decoration work, at the time of purchase of your property or later if you wish to change its ambiance.
- We contact the relevant companies; target your needs; draft plans; choose materials, furniture, decoration; all of this from our pool of expertise.
- We recommend artists' works, tailor-made creations or even pieces foraged and found based on your desires.
- We also select pieces of furniture to personalize your decor in order to align with your tastes and your budget, with the aim of bringing harmony and well-being to your property's interior.
- From the simplest request for maintenance advice, to the creation of luxury bathrooms in stone or marble, Open Up is dedicated to living up to your expectations when it comes to stonework.

Open Up can take action in all types of projects.

Home Staging expertise

- Assessment:
Analyzing your needs to define the roadmap, the provisional schedule and determine the budgets.
- Research:
Sourcing materials and decor, selecting pieces of furniture, art work, etc.
- Renovations:
Drafting plans for the redistribution and optimization of surface space according to your wishes,
enhancing and highlighting surfaces, negotiating quotes,
managing work schedules and monitoring the work site on your behalf.
- Home staging:
Staging your interior, managing the logistics of purchases and deliveries following your pre-established specifications.
- Design & renovations on a stonework theme:
Allow us to advise and support you in the search for the most suitable stonework for your project. Stone is so natural and an infinite source of inspiration.

Home staging: an asset for transforming your home into a coveted property

Selling a property can sometimes be a real headache. For potential buyers to fall in love with your home, it’s essential to add value and highlight its strengths. This is where home staging comes in, a staging technique designed to bring your home back to life and make it easier to sell.

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Why opt for home staging for your Paris home?

There are several reasons to consider home staging. Firstly, home staging can make your property more attractive to potential buyers by showcasing a well-cared-for, harmonious interior. Well thought-out decoration, carefully chosen furnishings and a warm, inviting atmosphere all contribute to attracting visitors’ interest and holding their attention.

Enhancing the value of your home

Home staging also aims to enhance the value of the different rooms in your home. Every space must be highlighted, whatever its size or function. For example, if your home has a small bedroom, you’ll need to optimize the layout to show that this space can be both functional and pleasant to live in.

Creating a neutral, universal atmosphere

To attract as many potential buyers as possible, it’s essential to create a neutral, universal atmosphere in your home. In fact, an interior with overly bright colors or overly personal decoration can tend to turn off some visitors. Home staging therefore aims to purify spaces and opt for sober, harmonious hues, so that everyone can easily project themselves into the space.

The key stages of home staging

There are several steps to successful home staging:

Depersonalize the premises

It’s essential to clear away all personal mementos and other objects that might testify to your presence in the property. Remove family photos, miscellaneous collections and decorative objects, so that visitors can feel at home as soon as they enter.

Declutter and optimize space

A cluttered interior often gives an impression of narrowness and can make visits unpleasant. So it’s a good idea to declutter each room by removing bulky or unnecessary furniture and tidying up any loose items. Likewise, think about reorganizing the space in a judicious way to facilitate circulation and enhance volumes.

Renovate if necessary!

In order to offer potential buyers a home in perfect condition, it may be necessary to carry out some renovation work: painting, flooring, electrical work, etc. These improvements will contribute to the image of the property. These improvements will help give your property a positive image and attract buyers.

Staging your interior with taste and professionalism

Finally, it’s important to decorate each room with taste and professionalism. This means opting for neutral, harmonious colors, arranging decorative objects sparingly and choosing furniture to suit the space and style you’re looking for. The idea is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while remaining sober and elegant.

Call in a home staging professional!

Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we can enhance your home and optimize its assets to attract potential buyers.


In short, home staging is an effective way of enhancing the value of your property and attracting potential buyers. So don’t hesitate to embark on this adventure and transform your home into a warm and welcoming space that’s ideal for selling!


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