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Marble decoration & design

Because Paris is also about stone, with the exquisite materials used in its Haussmann-style construction

Stone decoration in Paris

Because stone offers an infinite source of inspiration to designers and artists, the private concierge Open Up is dedicated to fulfilling each of your requirements and advising you fittingly on each of them.
Because exceptions are our rule of thumb, the private concierge Open Up masters the codes and secrets of luxury real estate. Let us advise and accompany you in your search for the most suitable mineral for your project.
Stone is simply natural with its structural characteristics, its resistance and its force. Its prestige is unique with infinite variations. From magmatic rock (granite) and sedimentary rock (limestone) to metamorphic rock (marble), each type of stone brings its own source of design and inspiration that makes your project unique.
The private concierge Open Up offers you an on-demand service that puts you in touch with our workshop partners for the realization of your most beautiful projects in France or abroad. From the simplest maintenance request or restoration of a room to the creation of a piece of art or even the design and completion of your luxury bathrooms.

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Design and renovations on a stonework theme

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