Private concierge and Property Management in Paris for expatriate and non-resident real estate investors

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1 / What is a private concierge?


A concierge service is generally an assistance offered to its customers to increase efficiency. This small external structure works on behalf of its customers offering countless services according to their areas of expertise.


A private concierge relieves its customers by taking care of time-consuming daily tasks for them: Administrative hassles, small jobs at home, delivery of a package, purchase of gifts, etc. All these small constraints can be taken care of for you, freeing you thus time for other activities. Your life is simplified, and your mental load lightened! This concept is directly inspired by the concierge services of luxury hotels, which are responsible for finding solutions to all the daily concerns of their customers.

2/ / Personal assistance within the private concierge, the solution to save time!


Such a service can take care of really tedious tasks that would take you a lot of time. Let personal assistance professionals handle it. They can find you a babysitter, organize a dinner at home according to your criteria, prepare a ceremony from A to Z… you can ask them almost anything to simplify your life and save time for your family, friends, etc. These professionals are used to dealing with this type of request and know how to respond quickly and efficiently.


Non-exhaustive list of services offered by private concierges:
Subject to paying a subscription, these personal assistance companies can provide you with countless services:

  • Appointment booking for all daily amenities: hairdressing, manicure, massages, sports coach for sports sessions, etc.
  • Reservations for caterers, restaurants, concert or show tickets, plane, and train tickets, etc.
  • Support for order delivery, DIY work, clothes to pick up or drop off at the dry cleaners, recovery of your vehicle after repair, search for pet sitters, shopping, etc.
  • Organizing receptions, booking vacation rentals, etc.
  • Search and employment of a housekeeper, ironing, homework help, childcare, etc.
  • IT help,
  • Etc

3/ How to choose your Parisian private concierge when you live abroad as an foreigner, expatriate, sportsmen, executives and managers?


When you opt for a life of expatriation or when you are foreigners with an international life and you live or invest in France, it is then important that an adequate service is at your side in order to better serve you and you. guidance in the management of your day-to-day and administrative affairs. You then call on a private concierge dedicated to an international clientele.


However, to effectively choose your private concierge, you need to be aware of the different services offered to know what to expect. Indeed, each concierge has its favorite areas.

4/ What is the mission of the private concierge service Open Up Paris dedicated to an international clientele?


The private concierge service at Open Up Paris has several à la carte missions dedicated to the request of its international clientele:

  • Provide personal assistance to its clients with connections for accounting, tax, notarial and legal assistance depending on the situations and agreements established between France and the country of expatriation or origin.
  • Ensure the management of needs in terms of real estate: purchase and sale of real estate with personal assistance services, interior design, decoration and monitoring of remote work
  • Secure and ensure stewardship and property maintenance through a property management service

5/ Why hire a private concierge?


Simply to obtain a level of service adapted to your projects and situation!


The private concierge service is popular all over the world.
The first concierge service in the world, the John Paul company is present all over the world and employs more than 1000 people including 350 elite concierges to satisfy nearly 3 million users worldwide. We are here in a booming market. Other companies share the rest of the cake, always with the same credo: to fulfill all the wishes of customers.


Open Up is classified as a real estate concierge specializing in the search for properties with an interior design service and follow-up of works for a clientele of expatriate investors or non-residents of Paris. The property management division facilitates the management of second homes.

6/ What about janitors in private companies?


Private concierge employees are handpicked. They must have a background in hotel, event or gastronomy studies (at least three years of study in one of these fields). Proficiency in a foreign language, and better yet several, is an essential asset.


At Open Up Paris, the skills of the concierges are different and are oriented along 4 axes:

  • Real estate research and sale on behalf of its clients
  • Interior architecture and decoration
  • Property management and residence stewardship
  • Personal assistance

7/ / Public and private concierge rates


Of course, private concierge services are aimed at people who can afford this comfort, although the rates are increasingly affordable to as many people as possible. For a private concierge service, count on average between 60 and 300 euros per month, depending on your requirements. The higher the monthly amount, the faster you can have someone available ready to meet your every need, day or night! Standard property management services at Open Up start from 149 euros. Many clients are seniors in their prime who are looking for personalized assistance.

8/ The future of private concierge services


In the future, artificial intelligence will add added value to concierge services: a customer will search for a particular football team? The private concierge service will offer him to buy tickets for his team’s next match and fully organize the trip accordingly! Chatbots will also increasingly respond automatically to simple customer requests.


Countless are the services that you can delegate to these private concierges to save precious time and devote yourself to the things that really matter.

The Open Up private concierge dedicated to real estate puts a multi-expertise at the service of its international clientele


Open Up is the story of beautiful encounters and expatriation! It is the result of successful experiences in real estate and decoration bringing expertise and an innovative concept that manages the needs and desires of its customers from day to day to exceptional.


The human relationship is at the heart of our motivation, this is why we provide you with a professional service, a listening ear, a personalized follow-up to sell your property, find your home sweet home and its installation or ensure the follow-up of your Parisian residence..

Open Up Paris support you in all of its steps


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