How do our Property Hunting Services help you?

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Are you planning to invest in Parisian properties? We are an English-speaking real estate concierge

that offers a full real estate service for local and international clients. Searching for the ideal property and managing the procedures that come with it can quickly become daunting without experience in the Parisian real estate market. Help from a real estate hunter can offer you real solutions! While talking with our clients, we discovered that this regulated service remains virtually unknown. It is, however, a highly useful real estate service undertaking different names such as a “real estate hunt” or a “property search service”.

The Indisputable Interests of Property Hunting

A property hunting professional alone embodies real added value in the real estate industry.
perfect knowledge of the market make them the ideal person for obtaining quality advice and investing in the property you need – both in terms of esthetic ideal, geographic location, or support for negotiating the offer.

Plus, in France, the majority of real estate agreements start with research and contact over the internet.
Despite being a particularly rich and diversified place in regard to offers, there are also scams of all kinds! Property hunters are essential if you want to find a property remotely with complete peace of mind: They guarantee meeting the owners in person as well as physical evaluations of the property.

How do you choose a property hunter?

Your property hunter will accompagny you through all the stages that constitute the sale or/and search for real estate (definition of the project, search for the property, notarial assistance, etc.) They take your budget into account and assume the different roles your service requires such as real estate advisor , negotiator, or agent.

Due to the importance of the missions entrusted to them, any person involved in property hunting must meet the following criteria:

  1. Possess a professional card.
  2. Only collect fees if the mission entrusted to them was a success;
  3. Adhere to a professional federation. This guarantees the legitimacy of the property hunting activity, thus sparing you any unauthorized act of non-professional property hunters (request for fees before the end of the mission or lying about the price of the property).

The real estate industry is a competitive market and it can be difficult to know who to turn to. Provide good communication and be kind to your property hunter, you will often be in contact with them during the journey that is finding your ideal property.

Property Hunting, A Cost Under the Sign of Consistency

Remember, a property hunter will be able to provide you with a custom real estate service.They visit properties for you, skillfully negotiate the price, and can even assist you with the signing of the notarized deed of sale – all in record time. Their services are thus remunerated as a percentage of the property price. You can also select the level of service you want. For example, you can choose to visit the properties selected by your property hunter yourself and ask that they step in only when you are interested in a property.

In general, the fees are between 2% and 5%
and only if the mission is successful. Some additional charges may apply, such as the percentage on gain from negotiating the purchase price of the apartment or house.

We can also offer packages depending on the level of service desired. “We commissioned Open Up to search for our Parisian property. We chose a property hunting package and a % on negotiation (reduction of the purchase price). This has allowed us to better budget our investment and to know where we are going!” says one of our clients.

Property hunters differ from real estate agents in many ways!

A real estate agency has a list of goods associated with sellers that they themselves have prospected and that they must satisfy by selling as quickly as possible – because remember – a seller can register their property in several agencies. Thus, a conversation with a real estate agent will be much more biased, since both the buyer AND the seller must be just as satisfied.

→ Via an exclusive research contract, the property hunter focuses their daily energy on your interests as the buyer: Negotiating prices when possible, complete transparency on the property, personalized support, very targeted research, etc.

In summary, how does property hunting go, step by step?

  1. Defining the project: Depending on your expectations and your budget, a property hunter will start by providing you with sound advice. An exclusive research contract is signed between you and the professional;
  2. Property hunting: Thanks to flawless know-how and a developed network, they will look for a property that matches your criteria;
  3. Facilitating procedures: Faced with the multitude of specialists in connection with a real estate transaction (brokers, loan organizations, private sellers, notaries), the property hunting professional will act as a single interface! ;
  4. Finalizing the project: The latter completes the mission by being present at the notarial acts, then receives their fees.

Choosing Open Up Paris means benefiting from a pro-active team

Open Up Paris is establishing itself as a high-end real estate concierge, perfectly positioned in this ultra-competitive market. So that you can create a new story in a property that suits you, we are on permanent alert. We know how to negotiate for your future property thanks to an argument based on permanent decryption of the real estate market.

In addition, as a single point of contact, we will defend your interests while guaranteeing perfect transparency of exchanges with all those involved in your real estate transaction. Our fees follow a certain consistency, varying according to the real estate project as well as the level of services chosen. In fact, our fees are reduced if we do the research and you visit the selected properties. In this case, we only visit the property that you wish to make an offer on. We will then assist you in the negotiation thanks to our expertise.

Finally, trusting Open Up also means entering into a privileged network. We take care of your project from A to Z, well beyond the simple property hunt:


  1. Projection: We offer planning, installation, and decoration services. Depending on your requests and wishes, we can put you in touch with professionals and decorators.
  2. Turnkey renovation:Thanks to our network of craftsmen, we put everything in place for the simplest installation in the property of your dreams intended to be your main residence, your pied-à-terre, or a rental investment.
  3. Property management: These are particularly useful services for Parisian pied-à-terres with custom housekeeping and personal concierge services (keeping keys, reading and sending mail, cleaning, and à la carte service);
  4. Corporate concierge: Open Up hunts for properties such as showrooms, commercial premises, or shops for rent or purchase. No fees are requested when signing the contract. The company concierge offers services possible in white label, following the property hunt or for an à la carte request of companies already installed: Organization of your new offices, property management and stewardship, and a whole range of diversified and personalized services. Using the services of a concierge gives you access to qualified and reliable professionals in a very opaque digital market. These services are very useful for companies wishing to access high quality service as quickly as possible.

Contact Open Up Paris :

WhatsApp : +33 671 50 18 45