Entrust us with the estimate and sale of your housing property

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Entrust us with the estimate and sale of your housing property

To be able to sell your property, it is essential to properly estimate your residential property. For this, it is necessary to consider certain steps. Open Up helps you to evaluate your property which is a key element to sell in the best conditions.
Different criteria are considered in the valuation of a property. First, the nature of your property: apartment or house and its state of occupation. Of course, the architectural quality and general condition of it is also very important: the type of heating, its age, its area, the number of floors, rooms as well as the exposure and its location are elements which will be decisive.
In any case, to be able to estimate your property at best, it is necessary to evaluate its weak points and its strong points. How? starting from the average market price, all you must do is analyze your property and if it has advantages then it will be overpriced and if it is the opposite, it will be underpriced.

1 - A justified price

It is important to have a real vision of your property. So be careful not to overestimate or underestimate this one. Indeed, a seller has a habit of overvaluing his property because of the affection he has for it. This often seeks to make a profit. Conversely, the buyer is more likely to undervalue a property by finding the slightest defect, to better negotiate the price.
The real estate valuation is also impacted by demand, it depends on the expectations of the buyer, and these are unpredictable. Your property may be invaluable to one person and passable to another.
To know if your vision is right, just take the happy medium. This will give you a certain estimate which you can check with the market price.
Good to know: if you manage to find the right price, your property will sell within 85 days on average depending on its location.

2- Environment and location, important factors

To correctly estimate your property, be aware that its valuation per m2 may differ from one street to another and even from one building to another. Within the same perimeter, one can truly observe considerable price differences.
The notoriety of the district and its frequentation are elements to be taken into account. The resulting feeling of security is not insignificant. Thus, if your property is in a residential area, close to public transport and shops or if it is located in an insecure part of the city, the estimate will be different.
All these elements have an influence on the estimate.

3 - The intrinsic characteristics of your property to take into account:

- The quality of construction and renovation depends on the nature and choice of materials used: noble materials such as stone and granite - light or poor-quality materials should be taken into consideration. The level of requirement for a renovation depends on the characteristics of the property. It is recommended to keep a certain consistency in terms of space optimization plan and choice of materials. Open Up advises you in terms of renovation from the purchase of your property.
- The state of maintenance of your property is a determining factor to consider in the evaluation of its estimate. A neglected maintenance increases the decrepitude of the construction; On the contrary, regular maintenance partly corrects the depreciation resulting from the age of the construction. Open Up offers property maintenance services, thus combating obsolescence and the resulting loss in value due to a lack of regular maintenance when you do not live on site. contact us
- The equipment and elements of comfort are also retained characteristics: Home automation, alarm, air conditioning, safety and hygiene Certain intrinsic characteristics come into play in the calculation of the price. The presence of a swimming pool, a balcony, a garden, an outbuilding... Will have a real positive impact on its estimate.
- The class of the building: The state of maintenance of the common areas and the architectural character of the building are to be considered.
- Legal factors: architectural easement, right of way, state of occupation of the building, listed building, etc. Do not neglect to inform on these essential points.

4-EPD (Energy Performance Diagnostic) and Standards

It is sometimes necessary to seek the advice of a professional to correctly estimate the cost of possible renovations. This quote will make your sales request more serious in the eyes of potential future buyers, so your property will be even more attractive. Without this indication, future buyers risk considerably wanting to lower the selling price, especially when your property needs upgrading to new electrical standards and when the EPD is not in the right category.

Indeed, a new, more restrictive classification system was put in place on July 1, 2021. The EPD is a mandatory diagnosis that classifies your apartment in terms of energy performance and greenhouse gas emissions. It is important to follow the evolution of the laws in force.


Necessary measures for the sale of goods. From January 1, 2022: A triple obligation of means:

  • Obligation of energy audit in addition to the DPE during the sale/put up for sale
  • Mention in advertisements and deeds of sale of the obligation to be at least classified E
  • Amount of theoretical energy expenditure in sales announcements

Required measure for rental:

  • From January 1, 2021: First constraint - Impossibility of freely increasing the rents of properties classified F or G between two tenants in tight areas
  • From January 1, 2022: Double obligation of means - Mention in advertisements and leases of the obligation to be at least classified E - Amount of theoretical energy expenditure in advertisements and rental contracts

PLEASE NOTE: The future CCC law should provide at an intermediate date for the impossibility of carrying out a rental review during the lease for properties classified F or G

Electrical standard:

If the work to be done is in your eyes small renovation work such as: bringing the electrical system up to standard, it may seem wise to you to carry out the work yourself. Don't count on it! The standards are changing and only an authorized professional electrician will give you the Consuel which will certify your new installation in the event of a line opening by EDF.

Entrust us with your property:

We carry out a value opinion with a reasonable price range. This evaluation determines the market value in the event of sale but cannot be used in the context of a donation or inheritance and cannot in any case be considered as an expert opinion.
Laws are constantly changing. For this reason, it is important not to underestimate the benefit and advice that your real estate agent can offer you.
Our estimates are free in Paris. We advise you to contact us to make a consistent estimate before placing on the market. We analyze your property within 24 hours and give you an estimate of its price. To be able to benefit from it, all you must do is fill out our property valuation form at the bottom of the page
Open Up has skills and powerful evaluation tools that allow you to evaluate the price of a property taking into account all these specificities. You will thus be informed of the estimate of your property at its fair value.
As a professional, we will define the most suitable price to be able to sell your home quickly and at the best price.
We will also provide you with effective solutions to enhance your property and thus be able to sell it as soon as possible. To be able to start your project in the best conditions, we suggest that you draw up an EXCLUSIVE MANDATE. You will benefit from many advantages and all our services.

Le travail de conception et les dessins sont originaux et spécifiques à votre projet. Pour certains biens une rénovation haut de gamme et personnalisée peut être plus appropriée afin de réaliser un gain potentiellement plus important à la revente. Nous pouvons vous conseiller en fonction des critères établis.


Documents for a sale:

  • Deed
  • 3 last year’s condo meetings
  • Property tax
  • Amount of annual energy consumption
  • Technical diagnostics (wood-boring insects, lead asbestos, electricity, gas, dpe, Carrez, sanitation (individual or collective), dry rot, radon.

Then depending on the case:

  • Property title
  • Notarial deed
  • Lease, Agreement for housing sold rented
  • Town planning document (PLU -POS-RNU-CC)
  • Property statement
  • Cadaster
  • Administrative authorizations (PC-DP)
  • Consultation of town planning services (risk prevention plan, town planning regulations
  • Building permit for a house
  • DO insurance / ten-year guarantee
  • The subdivision (regulations – specifications)
  • The co-ownership regulations -PV AG (last 3 years)


  • SHON: old name of the floor surface (Before 2012)
  • SHAB: Living area
  • POS: land use plan (before 2021)
  • PLU: Local urban plan
  • COS: land occupation coefficient (no longer in force)

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