Complete guide of energy renovation in condominiums

Complete guide of energy renovation in condominiums
Complete guide of energy renovation in condominiums
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In condominiums, energy consumption is generally the largest item of expenditure for co-owners. To save energy, they are required to carry out energy renovation work. What are the obligations of a condominium in terms of energy renovation? How can I benefit from financial aid to finance the work? The answers in this guide.

Why carry out energy renovation work in a condominium?

Why carry out energy renovation work in a condominium ?

As the French State is subject to energy efficiency obligations, it must encourage renovation work in order to improve the energy performance of housing and other buildings. This is a key issue for the coming years. But, it should be remembered that these projects allow you to take advantage of several advantages:

• Improving energy performance: carrying out renovations helps to improve the energy performance of a building, as consumption will be reduced. This therefore leads to significant savings in the long term.

• Better comfort inside the building: not only will your energy bill be reduced, but you will also benefit from optimal thermal comfort.

• Greater added value: for landlords, renovating has become essential if they do not want their homes to lose value. Gaining in energy efficiency therefore becomes a priority for them, because it allows them to increase the value of their assets and hope for a comfortable added value.


What is mandatory in co-ownership?

To encourage condominiums to carry out energy renovation work, a few measures have been taken recently.

The DPE or the energy audit to define the work to be carried out

The completion of the DPE or Energy Performance Diagnosis is mandatory for any condominium with less than 50 lots and equipped with a collective heating system. Since the introduction of the Climate and Resilience Law in 2021, a new DPE has become mandatory for each condominium whose building permit was filed before January 1, 2013. Instead of the simple DPE, an energy audit is required for all condominiums with more than 50 lots and whose building permit was filed before June 1, 2001.

The establishment of work funds

Since 2015, the co-owners must pay an annual contribution in order to constitute a work fund. The minimum amount must be equal to 5% of the forecast budget for the year. This fund only concerns condominiums with more than 10 lots.

Individualization of heating costs

Also in order to fight against energy waste, condominiums are obliged to set up a system for individualizing heating costs. Thus, each resident will only pay for their actual energy consumption.

Who is eligible for financial aid for energy renovation?

Condominiums can benefit from various significant aids and subsidies to finance the energy saving work they carry out in the common and private areas of housing. However, eligibility conditions must be met in order to benefit from it.

MaPrimeRénov’ Condominiums

Since 2021, MaPrimeRénov’ Copropriétés has financed energy renovation work undertaken in collective areas. Condominiums are eligible for this scheme:

• Registered in the National Register of Condominiums;

• Consisting of at least 75% of lots for main residential use;

• More than 15 years old.

The works eligible for MaprimeRénov’ Copropriétés are those which generate a gain in energy performance of at least 35% compared to the situation before the works. Very often, to claim aid as such, it is essential to call on a professional RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment).

It is possible to obtain aid up to 25% of the amount of the work with a ceiling set at 15,000 euros of work per dwelling. To this can be added an energy strainer exit bonus of 500 euros per dwelling and a BBC (low-energy building) bonus of 500 euros per dwelling. Owners with modest or very modest incomes can obtain additional financing of 750 euros or 1,500 euros respectively per dwelling.

Eco-PTZ condominiums

The eco-PTZ or zero-rate eco-loan is an interest-free loan which makes it possible to finance energy saving work carried out on:

• Collective parties;

• Work of collective interest carried out on the private portions.

The various priority energy renovation works

Here is a list of work to be carried out as a priority (non-exhaustive) for an efficient energy renovation:

• Insulation work: attics, walls (from the outside), roof terraces, sub-floors;

• Replacement of the heating system;

• Replacement of lighting systems;

• Pipe insulation.

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