Advantages and pitfall of concierge services ?

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Concierge services are booming, in the U.K., the U.S. and in France. Today we look at the advantages of property concierge services, with a quick review of the pitfalls to avoid when considering using them.

What does a Property Management Company do?

Concierge services have come a long way from the assistance with bookings, transfers and excursions provided to guests in ‘better’ hotels. They have greatly expanded and are now a stand-alone business that caters to the luxury market, and also to a more mid-level clientele. These services fall into two broad categories: the first covering services offered as an extension of a property management contract, providing added value and facility to property owners, while the second involves personal assistance, designed to make life simpler for busy professionals and corporations. The concept is simple: clients want to have access to top-level services and experiences and to leave the arrangements to qualified professionals. These services providers are entrusted with handling all the details and finding the best of what is available, and to do so with the highest standards of professionalism and discretion. The concept has grown to include personal assistance with everyday chores, administrative and/or time-consuming tasks.

What does a company like Open Up offer?

In a nutshell, property concierge services for corporate and private owners of high-end properties. Our mission is to facilitate every aspect of ownership for our clients, to add value to their property, to enable investors to buy into the Parisian market without geographic barriers and to assist non-resident owners to make the most of their time in Paris. On the property management side, we provide interior design, renovation, property maintenance and assistance-with-purchase services. We extend our services to house hunter and real estate sale in Paris and also in France.

What are the advantages of property concierge services?

Standard property management

Open Up provides property management for non-residents, with a full-range of services that can be individually-tailored. We are the local point of contact for the day-to-day management of the property; we are the custodians for absentee or busy owners. We provide personal assistance with administrative tasks and deal with all types of contingencies, and offer concierge services to visiting family members and guests.
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Maintenance of existing properties
Owners investing in a property not requiring renovation or upgrading still need to be sure that it will be maintained properly in order to preserve its value. Likewise, new owners who acquire a property in good condition, wanting to avoid the inconvenience of having work done prior to moving in, also want to keep the property in the same condition
. Good maintenance will prevent any degradation, thereby effectively ensuring that the property will continue to gain in value, carried by the continuous upward trend of the Paris market. Water damage from leaky appliances, roofs and balconies is a particular concern on the Paris market. An undetected water leak can lead to serious damage and complicated procedures involving neighbors. A maintenance service contract will allow for quick intervention, the best way to limit damage. Open Up covers all the standard maintenance operations that are required, to give an absentee or busy owner total peace of mind and to maintain the property in good shape.
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Interior design and renovation
Open Up handles all aspects of interior design and renovation projects for its clients, among them many expats for whom their Paris property is their second home. We handle projects for homes and rental properties alike, bearing in mind that the treatment for each is quite different. We also cater to Parisian homeowners who are too busy to take on such time-consuming projects. The level of services is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients and the type of property involved. This can take the form of a single service or intervention – say one specific aspect of interior design or furnishing – or full-service, from proposal to sourcing materials and overseeing the conduct of work. The company is experienced in advising clients on the best options available in the marketplace, based on their preferences, needs and budget. Because this is our business, we are constantly on the look-out for professionals to partner with and to add to our resource base.Open Up has 20 years of experience in the world of high-end materials such as stone and marble, and can help clients find exactly what they are looking for. Part of choosing is having the right things to chose from.

Renovation work generally turns out to be a long, sometimes difficult process, making effective oversight and control at a distance quite challenging. This is why having a local professional, well-versed in the Parisian market and ways of doing things, has been proven over and over again to be the key to a successful project.
Working with Open Up’s experienced team presents real advantages that go beyond the simple time and hassle-saving factor for the owner or investor. These include the security of knowing that the highest quality and most appropriate materials will be sourced at the best possible price, that the work will be done by reliable and qualified professionals, that timely oversight will guarantee good workmanship, compliance with specifications and avoidance of costly mistakes along the way. It also means that there will be an open line of communication with the client at all times; he or she is kept informed and involved in the process, which includes virtual site visits. In renovation, as any person who has done it knows, the unexpected is to be expected along the way, and smart and quick decision-making is essential. Having a responsive, knowledgeable and resourceful partner to do the heavy-lifting is always a good investment that will prove its value many times over.
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Home improvements
Improvements and upgrades, if done well, can yield a considerable gain to sellers who want to sell the property in a good ‘as is’ condition, effectively offering a potential investor a ‘turn-key’ transaction. A busy or absentee owner can fully rely on Open Up’s expertise to help procure and carry out the work to deliver the property ready for sale. More informations:

Assistance with purchase – House hunter / Appartment search
Our team can help potential buyers/investors, putting them in touch with notaries, banks and insurance companies.
A package dedicated to rental investment including the research and installation of the appartment is available. More informations:

Corporate outsourcing
Open Up can also service companies with their renovation and special upgrade needs to make their spaces fit for purpose. The changes may be required as a result of staff turnover, or because of a need to organise space to host clients, or to house staff for on-site training. Interior design assistance can be given to optimise a remote work location. Companies will find it advantageous to partner with a professional firm with a proven track record for their design, sourcing and overseeing needs. In this case the outsourcing will save corporate resources (less time and staff required to handle these tasks), and be a guarantee that the project will be delivered and meet expectations. Open Up’s concierge services also include personal assistance and organizing for special corporate events. More informations:

Pitfalls: what to watch out for


Property management services are generally offered on a membership basis or on a fee-for-service basis. Membership, or subscription, usually charge a monthly amount that includes well-defined, fairly standard tasks. This is a ‘package’ deal that can work well for owners looking to maintain a property. Some clients may see this as too restrictive; what is important to know is that most concierge service providers operate this way, making it easy to compare the services offered and to make a smart choice accordingly.

Most luxury concierge services are offered In all cases owners need to know exactly what they want, and what they are contracting for. A good concierge provider will help the client determine his or her needs, and determine the right kind of contract accordingly. The scope of the service, as well as its cost, have to be clearly spelled out. There are some gray areas, where it isn’t clear to clients how much latitude they have and whether certain services are optional or not. Knowing how to handle contractors and problem-solve in the world of renovation and home repairs in the Paris market, where good craftsmen are in high demand, is a real skill. The key words here are experience and transparency.

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